I hunted this cut 4 years ago. Today, a pack of seeds goes for $400. All pictures taken by me.

This girl is special. You will not be disappointed.

Parents: Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch


Slurricane is a cross between Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch bred by In House Genetics. A berry aroma dominates from the Purple Punch lineage, with notes of something earthier from the Do-Si-Dos parent. The strain is popular thanks to its high THC levels and fruity flavor.

This cut has a sweet flavor profile, with strong grape and sugary berries tones. I always think Grape Pixy Stix when I smell it on my fingers. Sweet candy.

Nug structure: frozen grape sugar balls. Phenomenal bag appeal.

Trims fast and easy

No excess leaf production makes it a blessing in the garden.

$30 Express USPS shipping to minimize stress. Packages have been landing in 24 – 48 hours. I late day ship as well to minimizes box time. Shipped with 100 hour LED lights to minimize stress. I’ve had no complaints to date.

All Cuttings are Farm Bill Compliant.